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This is one of the best tasting chocolate energy bars - the taste is nice and chocolate-y, without any aftertaste. The Glycemic Index is just 23 - Glycemic Index of 55 and below is considered to be low. The Glycemic Index gives foods a rating from 0 to 100 with glucose scoring 100; it relates to the way our body's sugar levels respond to certain foods. Made with whole grain oats, each bar is 150 calories, has 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. Like chocolate? This one is for you!

Raising the BarRaising the Bar

Granola Gourmet’s 4Real Ultimate Energy Bars are low glycemic energy granola bars that can be marketed, in particular, to student athletes, diabetic students or any student with glycemic concerns while being enjoyed by all customers. Continue reading

Bars With a BurstBars With a Burst

Alternative energy sources, such as energy bars, provide a convenient way to meet an individual’s nutritional needs on an occasional basis, according to A person with a busy lifestyle may decide to eat an energy bar instead of skipping a meal or eating fast food. Continue reading

Dr. David KatzDr. David Katz

“Granola Gourmet beautifully demonstrates that those with, and at risk for diabetes, can have their snack bars and control their blood sugar, too! The low glycemic properties of these bars is highly commendable. Those with diabetes, like everyone else, should be able to love foods that love them back- and Granola Gourmet helps demonstrate that’s possible.” Continue reading

Joel HarperJoel Harper

NYC Celebrity Personal Trainer Clients Ranging from Dr. Oz to Olympic Medalists “As a personal trainer, rarely do I come across a company whose mission matches mine so closely! I can wholeheartedly recommend Granola Gourmet. In addition to the delicious taste, … Continue reading

Michael ValeMichael Vale

“I have tried many energy bars over the years but rarely have I ever come across a bar that is not only truly healthy for you but also tastes great. They help me maintain my physical endurance throughout my high intensity work outs. I recommend Granola Gourmet to all my clients as my number one choice.” Continue reading

Granola GourmetGranola Gourmet

We tried the decadent sounding Fudge Brownie bar, and our tasters enjoyed this bar the most because it had a really strong chocolate flavor to it that other bars didn’t have. Another reason we enjoyed this bar so much was because the texture of the bar actually reminded us of a brownie. Continue reading

Granola Gourmet Energy Bars ReviewGranola Gourmet Energy Bars Review

These are definitely a nice snack before the gym/in general. They are low in calories, have great macros/ingredient list, and taste good to boot! Fudge Brownie: This bar hit a home run in the natural-but-tastes-amazing category. Fudge like consistency in a granola bar that tastes like a brownie? Mouthgasm/sold! Continue reading

Meet the Producer: Jeff CohenMeet the Producer: Jeff Cohen

A group of 18 climbers brought Granola Gourmet energy bars to eat for their meals and snacks during an eight-day climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,298 feet). They relied on Granola Gourmet Energy Bars for sustenance and energy to make the huge climb. Continue reading

MetroNow: Granola GourmetMetroNow: Granola Gourmet

Healthy, kosher and vegan, Granola Gourmet energy bars have become our new favorite snack. Using tasty organic ingredients, Jeff Cohen created a special recipe that does not cause a blood sugar spike. The treats are ideal for athletes and healthy consumers, alike. The Metrosource staff loves the orange-cran best! Continue reading

Granola Gourmet – low glycemic energy barsGranola Gourmet – low glycemic energy bars

Granola Gourmet does not merely provide healthy products but are actively involved in treating health problems. In short, these snacks are perfect for diabetics and non-diabetic fitness enthusiasts in general as they provide circa 2-3 hours worth of energy sans a sugar spike. Continue reading