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Click here to watch review by Phil Lempert- Supermarket Guru. This product is a HIT! This is one of the best tasting chocolate energy bars – the taste is nice and chocolate-y, without any aftertaste. The Glycemic Index is just 23 – Glycemic Index of 55 and below is considered to be low. The Glycemic Index gives foods a rating from 0 to 100 with glucose scoring 100; it relates to the way our body’s sugar levels respond to certain foods. Made with whole grain oats, each bar is 150 calories, has 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. Like chocolate? This one is for you!

awesome ingredient list + good taste = high rating! Fudge Brownie:  Two words: My Favorite.  This bar hit a home run in the natural-but-tastes-amazing category. Fudge like consistency in a granola bar that tastes like a brownie? Mouthgasm/sold! The only thing wrong with these bars is that it wasn’t long enough (I wanted more!).

Our tasters really enjoyed…Each of the four flavors taste like their namesake, they’re low in sodium, low on the glycemic index, and the texture is really soft and chewy. Overall (4.5 out of 5)

Energy Bars for Diabetics (livestrong) Granola Gourmet’s energy bars are low-glycemic, made with whole ingredients and do not contain dairy or wheat products.  They are a great selection for you since they are not high fat, high sodium or high sugar.

Granola Gourmet – low glycemic energy bars These snacks are perfect for diabetics and non-diabetic fitness enthusiasts in general as they provide circa 2-3 hours worth of energy sans a sugar spike.

Meet our founder Learn more about our founder and Granola Gourmet’s start and story.  As a person with type 2 diabetes, Jeff Cohen was frustrated with the lack of good tasting snacks that wouldn’t spike his blood sugar. He took to his kitchen and created a delicious variety of 100% natural, low Glycemic Index energy bars.   As a person with type 2 diabetes,  Jeff wanted to create a product that was healthy, tasty and filling, and would meet the needs of people with diabetes, as well as athletes and health conscious consumers.

Metro Source: “Healthy, kosher and vegan, Granola Gourmet energy bars have become our new favorite snack.”

Nutritional value alone makes this the best Granola bar on the market today.This bar was sweet and chewy and really good. It helped me stay satisfied mid-afternoon all the way until dinner time.  Nutritional value alone makes this the best Granola bar on the market today. This will benefit you from not making a wrong snack decision and to keep you from getting too hungry  until your next meal.

Tips for healthy snacking With 2011 New Year’s resolutions looking on the horizon, Granola Gourmet offers the following tips for healthy snacking…

Granola Gourmet Ultimate Energy Bars are designed to satisfy your sweet tooth Santa Clarita, CA-based Granola Gourmet also uses Low Glycemic Index ingredients. Low Glycemic foods provide longer periods of sustained energy, hunger relief and reduces the risk of experiencing blood sugar spikes. As a result, Granola Gourmet bars convert to sugar more slowly.

Products for diabetics finally taste good“As a Type 2 diabetic, I wanted to create a product that is healthy, tasty and filling that could meet the needs of diabetics, as well as athletes and health conscious consumers,”  Cohen added.

Popular Snack among Weight-Watchers and People with Diabetes “Granola Gourmet is good for practically everyone. It’s best for children and parents on the go, of course without ditching the delicious factor in a healthy snack.”

Smooth and Flavorful“Granola Gourmet’s creation is so dense and flavorful that it is just as satisfying as a bar that may appear to be twice its size.”

Energy Bar Reviews “These are delicious bars…among the best tasting on the market. This bar will surely please in the energy, taste and calorie departments.”

Fat -Free May Not Be Healthy “Here’s the third of three carb alerts from the folks at Granola Gourmet and staff at the Mayo Clinic.”

Sugar Free May Not Be Low Glycemic “Here’s the second of three carb alerts from the folks at Granola Gourmet and staff at the Mayo Clinic.”

Interpreting Nutrition Labels “Here’s the first of three carb alerts from the folks at Granola Gourmet and staff at the Mayo Clinic.”

Looking for a diabetic -friendly snack? “Granola Gourmet Bars are a perfect sustainable energy source for my high intensity fitness regimen! As a Type 1 Diabetic, I feel like I’m cheating when I eat my yummy Very Berry Bars.”

Alternative Energy “More than a solution for snack-time cravings.”

(radio show- podcast)All – Things- Health “Check out the Doc Heather radio show to hear all about Granola Gourmet.  Heather is very excited to have on a California based company on to discuss the importance of buying local and the health benefits of their product- Granola Gourmet.  Buying local is healthier for you and the environment, and it is a great way to support your community.”

Diabetic Safe Energy Bar “Although we don’t need them for dietary reasons, we’d rather opt for a Granola Gourmet bar than any of the other packaged energy bars currently on the market. Grab a four-pack to keep handy in the car during the summer when traveling with the kids. Granola Gourmet Energy Bars are great for hiking and camping.  Keep a carton in your desk drawer to satisfy those 3 o’clock munchie cravings rather than heading to a vending machine.”


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