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A Portion of Your Purchase Fights Diabetes!

A healthy breakfast alternative

Life in our society today is very fast paced. We wake up, and after hitting the snooze button half a dozen times, take a shower and gulp a cup of coffee, and get the kids off to school. Then it’s out the door we go; to our jobs or to run errands or whatever the plans are for the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day however it is also the most skipped meal. You figure you can grab a doughnut or pastry and have a healthy lunch, but lets face it, how often does that happen?

When you don’t eat right, your abusing your body; you not giving yourself the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Over time, it will take its toll on your body.

  • * Lack of energy
  • * Inability to focus
  • * Weight gain

These are just some of the effects of not eating right, and if you have diabetes, it can be life threatening.

People with diabetes do not produce enough of the hormone insulin to convert glucose to energy efficiently. People with Type 1 diabetes produce no insulin and must take it by injection or via a pump. Those with Type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin so must control their blood sugar through diet, exercise and insulin or oral medication, if needed. Type 2 diabetes may be preventable by maintaining a healthy weight and making wise food choices, however if it is going to work properly, then you have to follow a healthy diet, its just that simple.

Granola Gourmet offers energy bars for those who just don’t have enough time to sit down and eat breakfast.

The energy bars are made with all natural ingredients and are low on the Glycemic Index (GI). What this means is that instead of getting the rush of energy that you get when you eat junk food, (and yes, danish and doughnuts are a type of junk food) and then all of a sudden the energy is gone and your exhausted, when you eat a Granola Gourmet energy bar, the glucose is released into your blood slowly so your energy level remains constant.

You don’t have to skip breakfast.


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