“As a personal trainer, rarely do I come across a company whose mission matches mine so closely! I can wholehearted recommend Granola Gourmet. In addition to the delicious taste,

Granola Gourmet’s Low Glycemic Energy Bars fit in with my busy lifestyle. They give me the sustained energy throughout the day that I need to keep up with my triathlon training and all my workouts. I recommend them to my clients all of the time.”

Joel Harper 
NYC Celebrity Personal Trainer 
Clients Ranging from Dr. Oz to Olympic Medalist


“I have been a certified personal trainer and strength coach for twenty years. I have tried many energy bars over the years but rarely have I ever come across a bar that is not only truly healthy for you but also tastes great. They help me maintain my physical endurance throughout my high intensity work outs. I recommend Granola Gourmet to all my clients as my number one choice.”

Michael Vale 
Beverly Hills Personal Trainer 
Clients Ranging from Celebrities to World Champion Boxer


“Granola Gourmet energy bars got us to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! We’d hiked all night, going one foot after the other, all the way to the top. You have NO IDEA how much the bars played into our ability to keep going; Granola Gourmet energy bars were a life saver up there. It was great to have ONE thing we knew was safe and good to eat.

Granola Gourmet has the best energy bars I’ve ever tasted and the energy in the bars kept us going up, up, up.  Everyone was so thankful to have them along the climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We could not have done it without Granola Gourmet!”

Dianne Erskine- Hellrigel – Mt. Kilimanjaro Climber


“Granola Gourmet Bars are a perfect sustainable energy source for my high intensity fitness regimen!  As a Type 1 Diabetic, I feel like I’m cheating when I eat my yummy Very Berry Bars. Thank you Granola Gourmet for making Gourmet Diabetic Granola Bars!”

Jenna Phillips, Nutrition/Fitness Expert, CEO & Founder - MISSION POSSIBLE™


“The Los Angeles Fitness Expo” staff is always looking for healthy snacks to munch on during the afternoon and their new favorite is Granola Gourmet Energy Bars. Nutritional value alone makes this the best Energy Bar on the market today, but it’s the taste that will get you hooked. We love em….”

Erin Ferries, Executive Director – The Los Angeles Fitness Expo


“Most incredible energy bars. Best snacks ever had! Have gone to every food show and have tasted everything, this is just so fantastic! Adopt me so I can get Spiced Orange Cranberry free for life.”

Allan Borgen, MSW- Food Critic


“I am so happy to have found a great snack like this. Most of the times when you get a “diabetic safe” granola bar it is like eating cardboard but these are great.  My biggest problem is keeping them away from the rest of my family so I get some.  I love all the flavors and so does my family! We took them with on our trip to Florida and snacked on them for a quick snack on the plane, way better than airline food.  Great for a quick pick me up.

Granola Gourmet fills my sweet treat needs without spiking my blood sugar.  As recommended I took a fasting blood reading and then ate one bar.  Fasting my reading was 80.  My blood sugar peaked at 130 after an hour and then dropped to 95 after 2 hours.  This was without any medication and no insulin.  Normally when I try new items my sugar goes much much higher.”

Don K., Diabetic – Northern California


“Living with a Type 2 diabetic can be a challenge at times, and driving 8 hours to Arizona in a car with two Type 2’s is a disaster. My solution:  Granola Gourmet Bars Yes, that’s right, sweet treats.  The bars taste awesome; they have a low glycemic index and are made by a diabetic.  I bought them for my husband originally, but now the whole family loves them.  We all have our favorite flavors. I enjoy mine with coffee in the morning. It’s good to know something so good is also healthy.”

Judith Casssis, Publisher – Tidbits of SCV


“This was by far one of the most delicious healthy foods I have ever tried. The brownie energy bars are definitely a great energy bar to munch on when you need that boost of energy! The bars were super chocolaty and quite delicious. I almost forgot they were healthy!”

Desi – Wee Share blog


“7 months into my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. As a busy professional, I found it difficult to maintain ideal blood sugar levels due to my demanding schedule until Granola Gourmet made it easy. To this day, I keep a stash in my desk at all times for when I need a tasty boost without the sugar rush.”

Emmy Kasten, West Hollywood, CA


Granola Gourmet = HOLY YUM! “Brownie one was filled with wonderful chocolate chips.  I loved the rich chocolate flavor! YUM! Very Berry was one of my other favorites.  It was filled with aroma of berries! I love berries so this one was definitely yummy! Overall, these bars had wonderful texture PLUS taste. They are highly nutritious as well.”

Junghwa – An Apple A Day blog


“As a type 1 diabetic, Granola Gourmet Snack Bars fit great in my diet plan. They taste delicious and seem to stabilize my glucose levels. I eat them alone for breakfast or as an in between meal snack. There is finally a product that tastes great, gives me energy, and will not elevate my glucose levels.”

Margaret S., Washington, AR


As a Diabetic: “I finally found a granola energy bar that tastes delicious that I can eat without worrying, Granola Gourmet Energy Bars! I am Diabetic and the search has been a long one. I’ve tried so many different kinds and brands, but if one tasted good, I couldn’t consume it because of my Diabetes.  All of the Diabetic appropriate bars tasted like cardboard.   I tried all 4 flavors.  We were in 7th heaven. These bars are so scrumptious.  Just what the doctor ordered.   I would highly recommend Granola Gourmet Energy Bars to everyone! They’re that good.”

Cathy – Ladyh blog


“For a Diabetic this is a treat to have something that is healthy, taste great, and keeps the sugar levels where they should be.It is very hard to find healthy food bars that taste decent.  However, I am happy to report that Granola Gourmet Energy Bars are off the charts.   I shared with my father, whom is Diabetic, and he said “I felt full after eating the granola bar.  The taste was great.  It seem to hold me over for quite a while”.

Tara – Weighting For Perfection blog


“THANKS for making such an awesome, healthy, whole-food granola bar! FINALLY!!! right?! I have been walking past the Granola Gourmet display at my local Whole Foods store and finally gave in and bought a small box of your Very Berry bars last week.

Although I was impressed by your ingredient list from the start, I always felt like the price was a bit out of my budget for granola bars. Then, a friend pointed out that most “energy bars” these days cost between $1.60 and $2.00 anyway, so paying $7.99 for four bars was pretty much on target. Ah, Good Point! So, I got em.

Wow! I was so impressed. The flavor is delicious and not too sweet, the texture is filling and chewy and not crumbly, and most of all they are made with Good Stuff ~ no weird fake protein powders, no peanuts, no milk, no eggs, and no wheat (I am vegan and gluten-free,except I do eat Oats).

Anyway, Thanks again! I really look forward to trying all your other flavors!”

Catharine S., Tucson, AZ


“Thank you for introducing me to your product at Whole Foods. I loved it!   I had been searching for a natural granola bar without sugar, and am so glad we ran into each other in the food aisle. I really appreciated the time you spent explaining your product to me as well as the nutritional content. I expect your Brand to go along way in the market.”

Ken Schmidt, Tracy, CA


“My husband tried to turn me on to these amazing treats; but of course, I was skeptical! I mean, after 39 years of experimenting with different granola products, I had already found “my bar” and couldn’t really believe there would be anything out there that I hadn’t already “tasted”. I was wrong!! These bars have superior flavor and consistency! That the bars are nutritionally sound, is just a fabulous bonus! Looks like I found a “new bar”! “

Lisa K., Lancaster, PA


“I love love love these! They are great as an afternoon pick-me-up when I want something sweet tasting but have eaten healthy all day, and don’t want to spoil that. I’m not diabetic but I do think it’s important to eat as if I were, who needs all the sugar found in regular everyday snacks and drinks. These are so full of flavor–coffee/espresso combined with chocolate is always a winner; sweetness comes from the use of Agave, a low glycemic choice. The other flavor I go for is the Cranberry-Orange Spice. All the choices are great because they have the healthy basis, with Omega 3′s and Fiber, so I don’t have to scrutinize each box/flavor like with some brands. I even brought a box of each flavor to share at a family gathering because half the group is active and the other half is not, and these are good for both!”

Renee Reiss


“As a true choc-o-holic, I expected to enjoy the brownie flavor. What really surprised me was how much “The brownie granola bars are to die for. I am a chocoholic but I didn’t expect to get so hooked on a chocolate granola bar. Heck, I didn’t even really like granola bars until I tried this one. Now I’m putting in an order for more of the brownie flavor but in addition I’m going to try the orange cranberry. I think I’m a customer for life! You need to get this out to the public. If you need a marketing person… I’ll work for granola bars.”

Laura R., Valencia, CA


“Healthy, all natural, healthy fats- Omega 3′s… I loved the texture, and the addition of chocolate chips (there were SO MANY! They did not skimp at all!), and also the nice crunch and chew.they were very, very chocolaty, and had a wonderful nut-y, oat-y, COMPLEX texture.  I love the addition of the sunflower seeds and flax!  Great for the chocoholic, and a good bar for pre-workout fuel, quick snack on the go, or probably yummy on top of oatmeal or in yogurt. These bars are really thick, dense, and filling.”

Gliding Calm blog


“After years of trying different granola/energy bars, I was ready to give up. Everything I tried was either too dry, too tough to eat, or too disgusting to contemplate. I had pretty much given up. I was given a sample of Granola Gourmet at my local Whole Foods, and I was instantly hooked. These are simply THE BEST granola bars I have ever had.

Moist, flavorful, and remarkably filling, I’m totally hooked on them! The Spiced Orange Cranberry and Granola Gourmet Very Berry Granola Bars are my favorites, and my wife loves the Granola Gourmet Chocolate Espresso Granola Bars.

The fact that they are diabetic-friendly makes them even better! A friend of ours gave up wheat, dairy, and refined sugar for Lent, and was having a hard time of it. I gave him a couple of my Granola Gourmet bars, and he was hooked! Lent is long since over, and he’s still eating them every week.

THANK YOU Granola Gourmet team for bringing such a great product to the masses!”

K. Mc Donald, Glendale, CA


“Before tasting, I thought these would taste “different” because they are energy bars designed for diabetics. I have no idea why I thought that, but I did. Well, to my surprise, the bars were really good!! I sampled the chocolate espresso and loved it. There was a chocolate chunk in it that made the bar.  Now, these bars aren’t only for diabetics, they are great for athletes and anyone looking for a healthy snack. I thought they were a nice alternative to the processed, dense, chalky energy bars that are out there.”

Denise – Reviews blog


“These are the best granola bars I have ever had. Most claim to be all natural and there are still ingredients that I can not pronounce! Since I do not eat any processed foods, these will be my granola bars of choice! And the fact that they taste fantastic makes it even better. Thank you!!”

Trish S., Moorpark, CA


“I ran into someone from your family at Whole Foods in Pasadena today.    He recommended your brownie bar.  It is AMAZING! I am recently a “no refined sugar” eater as well as allergic to gluten. I’ve found it very hard to find a granola bar of sorts that doesn’t have processed sugars, is quick to eat and tastes good!  Thank you so much!”

Karisse S., Lake View Terrace, CA


“I hate Granola Bars. So when I tried Granola Gourmet Granola Bars I was surprised how much I loved these Granola Bars. I decided to try another Granola Bar, I hated it. It’s not that I don’t like Granola, I hate Granola BUT Iove Granola Gourmet Granola Bars!”

Ariel K., Israeli High School Student


“I love these bars. With a glass of milk, I am set to go in the morning. My favorites are the coffee and chocolate flavors. To think this stuff is healthy and good for me. Yum!”

Taffiney G., Santa Clarita, CA


“I liked the very berry and the spiced orange cranberry! I’m ordering more now, to share with my friends (but I might not, and keep them all for myself).

Keep up the good work!”

Judy M., New York, NY


“For the first time in a long time I am eating something healthy. It is flavorful and sweet yet so good for me. This is a great treat for my kids that is also a nutritious snack. The kids liked them so much they take them to school. My husband’ can’t stop eating them too. Every time I turn around he grabs another one. I would recommend this product for everyone.”

Barbara B., Santa Clarita, CA


“Your granola bars are great! My husband and I have just about devoured all of them. I’ll probably never touch one of the commercial brands again.”

Phyllis C., West Islip, NY


Disclaimer: This information is provided for general informational purposes only. Granola Gourmet does not treat, cure or prevent diabetes or any disease, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.